Our business

Creator of ideas and talent developer

MinMaxMedical brings its software and hardware technologies to young companies as well as to large groups specialized in the field of computer assisted surgery (surgical robotics, medical and interventional imaging, innovative medical devices, etc…)

In addition to mastering innovative technologies and processes, our company provides technical support to its customers, accelerating their development thanks to a high level of expertise in many fields and customized dedicated services.

We also develop our own technologies and components to be integrated into our customers’ solutions and systems. We also offer specialized software libraries.


“After a thesis in physics, I am happy to be able to discover and deepen a new field of physics on a daily basis, by combining theory and experimentation. I also enjoy exchanging with experts from other fields (mechanics, electronics, computer science) in a friendly atmosphere.”
Solveig – R&D Engineer


« MinMaxMedical provides the material means as well as the human competences for innovation. This allows us to go from idea to prototype in record time.»

Sébastien – R&D Engineer


” I was pleasantly surprised. We set a really high standard for ourselves in software development. It gives you confidence if someone’s life is going to depend on it. “

Yoann, R&D Engineer