Minimally Invasive, Maximally efficient

in the service of health

As a major player in the field of surgical robotics and computer-assisted medical interventions, MinMaxMedical has been working since 2009 with its main partners, placing the clinical benefitfor the patientat the heart of all its actions.

The major challenge is to develop innovative technologiesaimed at assisting the surgeon to be more and more precise, to facilitate the realization of less and less invasive interventions, to shorten the duration of interventions, to improve the clinical results and to reduce the failures and post-operative complications.

Pioneers of computer-assisted surgery, we rely on the expertise and know-how of our collaborators in many fields of surgical innovation such as: signal processing, 2D/3D vision, augmented or virtual reality, real-time navigation technologies, collaborative robotics, high-speed electronics and data processing, artificial intelligence, …

We invent
the surgery of the future

MinMaxMedical :
creators of ideas and revelators of talent

A true incubator of ideas for its customers, MinMaxMedical opens up all the possibilities to those who innovate or create new concepts, and is an ever-renewed source of technologies and components for many players in surgical robotics.

All this is made possible by a team of specialists in state-of-the-art technologies that are unique in the world, and collaboration with networks of technical and medical experts.

Speed, agility, efficiency, confidentiality and mutual respect are the watchwords of its employees.